Who we are

Dementia Compass is a not-for-profit organisation established in October 2010.  Our goal is to support individuals living at home and managing a cognitive impairment, whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease, another dementia or MCI (mild cognitive impairment).

Our programme is designed to support both an individual with a diagnosis and his or her family support to find the resources necessary to make your everyday more enjoyable… to make living with dementia work well.  We are volunteer-led and most of our volunteers have first hand experience of the impact of memory challenges, whilst others contribute complementary skills and talents.  We offer a programme of activities based around Cambridge that are designed to meet the needs of our community using evidence of what is possible with cognitive impairment.

Our Founder and Director

Edye HoffmannMy name is Edye Hoffmann and I am the founder and director of Dementia Compass.

Since 2003, I have worked in the dementia community.  At first with my husband’s mother, Anne, as her carer in Scotland.  Then, after relocating to Cambridge England, I worked in a care home as an activities co-ordinator, where later I supported and trained others doing the same work.  Whilst working, I studied at the University of Bradford, a programme well known in the professional and academic fields for new and innovative support of people living with dementia.  I completed my post-graduate certificate while volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Society.

Edye and Anne, 2003

All of this was very worthwhile and rewarding experience which complemented my previous training in social anthropology and my work in community organising, but interestingly I have wound my way back to the beginning.  Where I believe we can be of the most help today is in offering the support which I sought when I cared for my husband’s mother, that is in helping both the person with a diagnosis and his or families to live successfully at home.

I hope you find what we offer of interest and value.  I also hope that you will hear our deep admiration for what you are doing and going through.  Living with memory challenges can be hard work and at times you can feel invisible.  With us, you are not, you are very important and we think you’re doing a smashing job.

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