“I remember now”

Tomorrow night, we look forward to our 15th public concert by our D’Music’a choir based in the village of Fulbourn.  If you’ve been reading the recent media highlighting the impact of music in dementia, you’ll appreciate we’re doing good stuff.  What you may not be aware of is that most of that news highlights the impact of music in the later stages of dementia.  We’re hear to tell you there’s so much more to what they say.

D'Music'a summer concert 2015

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If you’re free to tomorrow night, come and see for yourself what our singing is all about. It really is a great night.  This event will highlight Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore and it’s been great to see how the choir has enjoyed the rehearsals.  Just last week, I was singing alongside one of the members with dementia who looked at me and quietly said, “I remember now” and then turned to belt out the ladies’ part of I am the Monarch of the Sea which was helpful because I was a bit sketchy.  It’s moments like these that reinforce the importance of these events and witnessing them which is why we’re starting another choir in the village of Reach in September – so more people have the opportunity to sing like this.

The dates for both choirs’ autumn rehearsals and concerts will be available tomorrow night. If you’re interested singing, come and see for yourself.  It really will be a great night.

One of my favourite comments made at a concert came from the son of a longstanding choir members.  He said,  “If I’d known it was going to be like this, I would have come sooner.”  Don’t do what he did and hesitate, come and help us celebrate our great work.

Fulbourn Centre
Home End, Fulbourn
CB21 5BS

8pm start, doors open at 7:30pm
Concert is free, with donations welcome to fund future concerts
Please stay for refreshments following the performance


Is that spring in the air?

As I write this, it feels like spring is just ahead for us so it just makes sense to give you a sense of what’s ahead for Dementia Compass too.  Should I pause here so you can find your diary?

Next week, our Still Caring Lunch Club will meet and welcome Julie Philps.  Julie is a research nurse in our local DeNDRoN research network; she’ll be updating us on the local research happenings, hers as well as others.  If you’re interested, there’s still time to book.  Last orders on Monday at 12noon with the lunch on Wednesday, 12:30 for 1pm.

d'music'a fulbourn-1Also on Wednesday, the d’music’a choir members will rehearse once more before their spring concert on Friday night at 8pm.  If you’re a fan of the musical Oliver! this is one not to miss.  The doors open at 7:30 and our free concert will start at 8pm.  It’s cafe style this time, so plan to stay for refreshments afterwards.  (We won’t host another choir at this concert, so you’ll be home sooner than usual.)

caring2 imageOn the following Tuesday (17 March), we will host the Caring 2. evening meeting at the Future Business Centre and welcome Anne Streather of CamSight as our speaker.  Anne is bringing along equipment to share that CamSight offers to support individuals with a vision impairment and she’ll talk to us about how CamSight works, vision issues present for older adults and some emerging findings about dementia and vision in Cambridgeshire. If you support an individual(s) with a dementia, you are welcome to attend.  We encourage pre-booking to keep our costs down.  The first Caring 2. event you attend if free.

Finally, we’re co-hosting In Mind and Body conference on Friday, 17 April which we’ll be publicising more about on the website over the next few days.   I’ll leave you with that and wish you a fabulous weekend!

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When do you know you’re a carer?

caring 2 headercaring 2 headerWe’ve started a new programme this year called Caring 2.  It is an extension of another programme we host called Still Caring which is a lunch club that offers support, outreach and skills to (primarily) husbands and wives who actively care for or have once cared for loved ones with a dementia diagnosis. This new programme extends similar resources to working adult carers those who cannot take time off from their day commitments to make the lunch. read more…