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It’s been a while since I posted a notice in Latest News.  I know I need to post more, you don’t need to tell me and I will, promise.  We’ve been busy these last few months setting up our new choir and planning museum opportunities for the rest of the year.  It hasn’t been easy but we’re figuring out ways to do it.   Over the next couple of weeks, I will be filling you in here on the progress we made and highlighting dates for your diary.

But, first off, we’re looking forward to our d’music’a concert tomorrow night – 11 April at 8pm.  If you’ve been to one of our concerts, you know that we promise an opportunity to get your toes tapping and you’ve likely left us with a song on your lips.  If you haven’t been yet and would like to see what we’re about, you are most welcome.  We actually encourage it!

We hear over and over again that what people expected from this choir is not what they experienced. Although we support individuals with dementia, the dementia isn’t something we focus one when we’re together.  We work hard behind the scenes to create an environment that supports abilities over disabilities and the results are worth witnessing… and then perhaps considering whether you want to join us.  That’s right! We’re looking for new choir members.  If you are an individual with a dementia diagnosis, a care partner to someone with dementia or a community member wanting to support these activities, we are seeking new choir members both for our Fulbourn choir (the one performing tomorrow night) and our new Bar Hill choir.

If you haven’t seen our concert flyer, please note the details here.  The concert is free but we welcome donations to help off set the related costs.

d'music'a Apr 2014 concert

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