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Upcoming carers seminar

**  UPDATE: As of 16 March, we are delighted to write that there is only one remaining space for the carers seminar.  If you are thinking of attending, please do contact Edye to reserve the space.    **

Next month, dementiaCOMPASS will offer its third carers seminar.  It will run for five weeks and you can choose to attend one, some or all of the meetings.  The topics listed are guiding themes that we can start with, but the meetings are carer-led while being supported by two group facilitators.  This seminar is not a form of training but instead time to talk as a group about how to deal with the changes witnessed in the person you care for and how to take care of yourself too. Participants often walk away with a new perspective or idea for how to improve things at home.

The past two seminars have been well received by those who attended, all of whom would recommend this opportunity to a friend.  One of the participants took the time to share this about the seminars:

I have found them invaluable in planning the way forward for [us]. They took place in a friendly and supportive environment which enabled the participants to share some very personal experiences and issues. The facilitators were skillful in steering and teasing out the concerns but also in helping the participants formulate plans. The topics covered were relevant but there was also plenty of opportunity to raise our own issues.

While others described their seminar experience as:

“extremely helpful”                                                  “a very helpful programme”

informative and supportive”                               a form of respite in itself”

The seminar format is small, limited to eight people, and will take place in Fulbourn.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Edye for more information.



Carers Seminar, revised dates

If you’re interested in attending the Carers Seminar but found the first three dates prohibitive, please note that we’ve revised the dates to start three weeks later than originally intended.  The seminar now starts on Tuesday, the 15th of March.  This allows several interested parties to attend all five weeks.   There is still space available.  – Edye


Carers Seminar: Married … with dementia. Being married with dementia leads to unexpected challenges that often test the resolve of a good marriage.  Suddenly patience, organisation, and communication can be taxed in the most complicated ways.  Join us for five meetings, when we’ll discuss how to improve your experience with dementia and offer your partner success with their own challenges.

Topics of the meetings include: Creative Respite, Unusual Behaviour, Family and Friends, Emotions and What’s in the future?

Limited to six people, plus two facilitators.
REVISED DATES — Tuesdays: 15,  22, and 29 March, 5 and 12 April, from 1pm – 2:30pm.
Donations welcome.