There is nothing like …

a song from South Pacific to raise your spirits and welcome the warmth of seasons to come.    This Sunday in the Townley Hall at 3pm, we invite you to join d’music’a for our Spring concert when we will be singing songs from the South Pacific, as well as other favourites.

d'music'a Spring 2013 concert invite

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Collaborating with our community – Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Over the past year, dementiaCOMPASS has been collaborating with Addenbrooke’s Hospital to strengthen their care of patients with dementia.  This work has mainly involved supporting their dementia strategy group, partnering with volunteer services and identifying training skills for ward staff but in one instance it was highlighting the abilities of one patient who is also a dementiaCOMPASS participant.  Our working together was highlighted recently at the Florence Nightingale Foundation conference held in London.

Here’s the Addenbrooke’s press release:  read more…


d’music’a spring concert

d'music'a Spring 2013 concert invite