Day out: Botanic Gardens


If you are joining us at the Botanic Gardens tomorrow, we will meet at the Bateman Street entrance at 12:30pm, then progress toward the cafe.  This is an informal outing and you are free to do as you please once you enter the garden.  Usually we create a couple of groups that have similar interests and levels of mobility.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens
Wednesday, 21 August 2013
12:30pm – 3pm (or longer is you prefer)
Meeting Point: Bateman Street entrance



Carers lunch club – Still Caring…

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We meet again for our carers’ lunch club on Wednesday August 14th.  This month I will be speaking to the group about “stress and distress and why things go pear-shaped.”  This was an area of focus in the recent training I offered at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and I believe will be of interest to our lunch attendees based on feedback I’ve received over the last few months.

I will talk about stress and distress from both the point of view of the carer as well as an individual with dementia and why we see more dementia symptoms when a person is feeling stressful.  I’ll also review research evidence of how the brain works and why the ways we manage stress can make things better or worse and suggest useful practical skills for stressful situations.

These lunches are open to all carers in the dementia community — those who are former carers, those whose caring roles have changed to supporting someone in a residential home and those who are actively caring at home.  There will be time for questions and discussion and the lunch finishes at 2:30pm.

If you’ve not joined us before and would like more information, additional details for the lunch can be found on this website here.

Lunch remains £9.  We gather after 12:30 to order our own drinks from the bar and put in our lunch order.  Lunch begins at 1pm.  Please note that bookings for the lunch are essential so numbers can be passed to Hugo at the Six Bells.

Anyone interested in the lunch can contact me or Sally Kitchin.

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Upcoming events & the community calendar

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have a new interactive community calendar available on our website which is aimed at individuals living with dementia as well as supporting health and social care professionals.  I’d like to draw your attention to some upcoming events that have been recently posted:

Next week, the University Campus Suffolk hosts the Innovations in Dementia conference.  This is a regional event highlighting some of the latest trends and opportunities supporting living well with dementia.  I will be presenting on the skills and techniques we use at dementiaCOMPASS around successful exercise participation for individuals with dementia which is in line with some research and programming happening in Suffolk this summer.  I’m also excited to say that BeneBoost will make its debut there with sample packs offered to all conference participants. Wednesday, 17 July

The following day, we’re looking forward to our d’music’a summer concert.  This is our ninth public concert — Wow! We’ve been singing for three years and we just get better and better.  Join us for our free concert. Thursday, 18 July

In August our activities take a break and we host a series of days out instead.  We’re looking forward to our annual cream tea on the riverboat Georgina when we’ll travel along the River Cam for two hours and enjoy the lovely views from the river. Wednesday, 7 August

We’re welcoming newcomers to our Portals to the World taster session where participants can decide whether they would like to participate in our upcoming Portals course starting in September and lasting nine weeks. Thursday, 15 August

Following that, we’ll gather at the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge for lunch and a wander through the stunning gardens. Wednesday, 21 August.

Additionally, we have added regularly offered support groups happening around Cambridgeshire, so do take a look around the calendar for other opportunities that might interest you.

Hope to see you soon!





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