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Greetings from d’music’a choir!

July 2013 concert inviteWhen I was invited to join d’music’a as a volunteer singer I was nervous, and somewhat embarrassed, fearing that my aging treble would add little to the overall quality of the music!  However, the warmth of greeting and the general atmosphere of good humour and enjoyment of that first practice session soon dispelled my fears, and I came away on a positive ‘high’ of a new and exhilarating experience.

How does one describe our choir practices?  Firstly, of course, there is the ever-friendly and charming presence of Edye Hoffmann, our founder, mentor and driving force.  She is always at the door to greet those experiencing memory problems, their supporters and partners, and newcomers like myself; everyone is happy to see her.  We are also glad to greet each other, and it is especially good to receive a hug from one of our members whose memories are failing in many ways.  As Edye herself has pointed out in previous issues of our village magazine, The Mill, there is absolutely no doubt that those inflicted by this insidious illness really do love to sing, and that music really is one of the last senses to be affected.  This is so evident at rehearsals, where one can witness the pleasure that singing gives to each and every one of us, fit or unwell.

We are, of course, blessed by the gifted and skilled direction of Martin Herrick, and the wonderful talent of David, our pianist.  In all, d’music’a is a positive, instructive and, above all, exhilarating experience for us all.  And, as we work towards our concert, our enthusiasm grows.  At the moment we are having fun with Gilbert and Sullivan and The Beatles, and our next concert will be on 18th July at 8pm in the Townley Memorial Hall in Fulbourn.  Entrance is free, but contributions towards tea, coffee and biscuits help to keep d’music’a alive and running.  Do come along and help Edye to continue to support people living with dementia and their ever-loving carers alike.  I promise you won’t regret it as you find yourself singing along to old familiar tunes.  We aim to make Fulbourn a more dementia-friendly community, and we hope you will join us at the concert to that end, as well as to enjoy a really good evening!

Written by Jo Marchant for the July edition of The Mill, Fulbourn’s village magazine.

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There is nothing like …

a song from South Pacific to raise your spirits and welcome the warmth of seasons to come.    This Sunday in the Townley Hall at 3pm, we invite you to join d’music’a for our Spring concert when we will be singing songs from the South Pacific, as well as other favourites.

d'music'a Spring 2013 concert invite

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Collaborating with our community – Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Over the past year, dementiaCOMPASS has been collaborating with Addenbrooke’s Hospital to strengthen their care of patients with dementia.  This work has mainly involved supporting their dementia strategy group, partnering with volunteer services and identifying training skills for ward staff but in one instance it was highlighting the abilities of one patient who is also a dementiaCOMPASS participant.  Our working together was highlighted recently at the Florence Nightingale Foundation conference held in London.

Here’s the Addenbrooke’s press release:  read more…