What we do

Current programme

If you are living with a dementia

We offer an on-going community programme designed especially for people living with dementia, both an individual with a dementia diagnosis and his or her care partner.  Currently these programmes include:

If you support someone with a dementia diagnosis

We also support family members, partners, friends with resource meetings, seminars, workshops and skill-building sessions, including:

Additionally, we offer training and learning opportunities in the following areas:
  • skills and techniques for community volunteers and professionals supporting individuals with a dementia or memory impairment
  • skills and techniques for clinicians and hospital staff supporting patients with dementia, cognitive impairment or delirium in acute hospital settings
  • skills and techniques for exercise professionals supporting individuals with dementia in exercise and physical activity
  • skills and techniques for museum professionals and volunteers engaging with individuals with dementia in museum and art engagement settings
  • understanding stress and distress responses experienced by an individual with dementia living at home for home care professionals and family members
  • understanding the care dynamics between an individual with dementia and his or her care partners (family, friends, relatives & other important people)
  • how to create dementia-friendly communities

We also offer community skill building workshops and talks to the local community to create a more informed and dementia-friendly community.



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