The night … something happened

but-then-something-happened-everyday-dementia-lrgLast week I had the pleasure of attending Chris Carling’s book event at our local Heffer’s Book Shop. Chris has written But Then Something Happened, an account of her caring for both her parents — her mother with Alzheimer’s disease and her father with vascular dementia.  I had reserved a seat in advance for the meeting and really wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since it had rained so hard throughout the day … would people come?  Well, they did and it was standing room only.  A testimony to Chris’ strong spirit and charisma as well as the importance of the topic.

Chris spoke well of her experience as well as her book and she kindly acknowledged the variety of professionals in the room that night. It was one of the highlights of the evening for me seeing that so many of my colleagues working in or supporting the dementia community chose to support the event. We rarely see one another and here we were making time for Chris.  It was a real pleasure seeing Sally from the carers support service, Sue stepping away from her preparation for the Big Walk coming up, Rowena before she dashed away and Anne making time for the important people she supports with financial planning, plus a selection of activist carers, including Julia and Ray. Then, I met people I hadn’t met yet but heard of, like Kate who took the time to introduce herself. There was a real sense of animation and vitality to the evening, something I was pleased to be a part of.

I haven’t read Chris’ book yet but will and sense that it will be something I enjoy.

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  1. Erin Doyle says:

    What an amazing gathering it must have been! To be able to come together in support of someone with such a story. For me the most poignant highlight in the book description on Amazon was “How feelings survive even as minds fail.”