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Francis Hookham and Edye

Francis Hookham and Edye at the Rotary Club lunch

I had the pleasure of an invitation to share lunch with our local Rotary Club this week.  Lunch was followed by a rather enjoyable interview about dementiaCOMPASS and our efforts to support our local community.  My thanks to Francis Hookham for his kindness as interviewer.  Francis is keen to consider creative ways this Rotary group could reach out and help in the dementia community.  I applaud him for his sensitivity and compassion… plus he earns extra respect from me for reading one of my favourite books: And Still the Music Plays.  Well done, Francis!


With thanks

Many thanks to all of you who supported our recent d’music’a concert.  The choir had a great time and were thrilled you could make it.  We hope to see you again at our summer concert.

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Dementia Awareness Day

Yesterday dementiaCOMPASS participated in a dementia awareness day at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.   It was a great opportunity to meet interesting people and get a good sense of the perceptions of dementia held by visitors and staff at the hospital on that day.  It was also lovely to meet the other people who gave their time to share the wealth of dementia resources represented.

You may wonder what kind of interest we had throughout the day, so here is a snapshot of some of the discussions:

A husband supporting his wife’s hospital appointment stopped to ask how he would know if he has dementia, since his wife has expressed concern about his memory.  He shared that they had discussed this concern with their GP and he took an ‘easy’ quiz that he felt was so boring that he stopped paying attention and that was probably why he couldn’t remember one of the three words he was asked to remember by the GP.

A doctor stopped to politely say that he already knew everything about dementia, but then said he would be interested in the new dementia training now on offer at the hospital.

A daughter pushing her mother’s wheelchair with her father following behind stated that her father has Alzheimer’s and then quickly collected all the information she could gather about resources.

Of course there were others who spent energy avoiding us, while others shared that they knew everything they needed to know and even others who joked that they already had dementia.  Every now and again, there were those who stopped because they knew someone who had dementia and wanted to inquire about resources that might be available to them.

We’ll never know just how much difference an event like this makes in someone’s life, but even if it is just one person (which is unlikely), that’s enough.

Many thanks to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for the opportunity to participate.