With thanks

Many thanks to all of you who supported our recent d’music’a concert.  The choir had a great time and were thrilled you could make it.  We hope to see you again at our summer concert.

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Winter 2011 concert.

Please join us for our upcoming concert on Friday December 16th at 8pm.   We’re singing at the Fulbourn Centre again just like last year and look forward to seeing you.  The CWIC Singers will join us to perform as well as lead a sing-a-long so we are all guaranteed to be in the festive spirit by the night’s end.

If you have any questions or would like a map or directions, please contact 07876 350 638.

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Big Walk countdown…

We have done all we cBig Walkan do as a team to prepare for Sunday’s ten mile walk.  We have walked all we can walk, asked all whom we could ask and now have to wait.  It’s not a bad way to count down since we have reached (at the time of writing this) 90% of our goal in fundraising and are relishing in the generous nature of our friends and family.

Now, we just have to organise our day pack … lunches, water, blister-aids, fresh socks, read more…