Walking the walk.

Big WalkYou are hopefully familiar with our local heroes at Alzheimer’s Research UK who are committed to a vision of a world free from dementia.  Based in Great Shelford, they are the UK’s leading dementia research charity who support over £17 million of charitable giving toward research seeking prevention, treatment and a cure.  On May 22nd, Alzheimer’s Research UK will host their first local fund-raising event — a ten-mile walk which they hope will raise £10,000.  In case you’re wondering, £10,000 covers 500 hours of dementia research.  If you participate in the dementiaCOMPASS programming, then you are aware of just how important this research is.  Hopefully, this walk will bring with it an expanded awareness of the importance of this research and just how far funding lags far behind that of other diseases.

To show our support of Alzheimer’s Research UK and the vision we share, a team of us will read more…


April d’music’a concert

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Highlights and green tokens.

Community Matters

I received news yesterday that our local Waitrose in Trumpington will highlight dementiaCOMPASS throughout February in its Community Matters scheme.  Each month three community programmes are highlighted for Waitrose customers to support.  Each programme will receive a portion of £1000 depending on the number of green tokens customers choose to place in the three boxes.  Every group wins, but the more support dementiaCOMPASS receives the bigger portion of the £1,000 we’ll receive. read more…